A few reminders for you going into the weekend!

  • ALLERGIES:  A few of our band members have life-threatening peanut and tree nut allergies. For some, if our friends taste, touch or have indirect contact with a particular food (for example, holds the hand or high fives somebody who ate a peanut butter sandwich or candy bar for lunch or snack), they will have a severe reaction. We will need to call 911 and transport them by ambulance to the hospital immediately. The reaction can be fatal. How can you help? You can be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water (hand sanitizer doesn’t do the trick) after you eat peanuts and/or tree nuts before band practice, and avoid bringing any nut products to snack on or for lunch on performance days.  Our goal is to create a safe place for all band members and support our community in any way possible. Thanks so much for your cooperation and, as always, feel free to email me with any questions!!
  • Most have already put allergies on our radar either by way of the meal committee or the medical release form.  Since not everyone eats the Friday night game meals, and we are planning group meals for 4 days for everyone for our St. Louis trip….PLEASE reach out to me if there is anything dietary we need to know about as we plan several meals for the long-distance trip.  
  • HOMECOMING GAME:  We are really looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday at HOMECOMING!  Homecoming festivities and court will happen at 7:10, and our show and Belles will be during halftime as usual.  Our parents usually sit together right under the press box – join them, form a big group and let’s practice our HUGE CHEER as the band enters the field tomorrow night for halftime!
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Eligibility deadline is approaching!  Every student must be passing on the report card for 6 weeks ending on September 29 with a 70 or better (60 in exempt IB or PRE-AP classes).  All reservations have been made for our St. Louis trip and all deposits and activities paid.  I cannot reimburse fair share or trip fee if a student ends up failing and ineligible for the trip.  Besides that…we don’t want anyone to miss out!

Happy Homecoming week – see everyone tomorrow!

Ms. G