Frequently Asked Questions

ATB student and parents: There is much to learn about the Trojan Band. Please ask if you don’t find the answers you need here; no question is too trivial.
Contact an ABBA OFFICER OR COMMITTEE CHAIR or one of the AHS BAND DIRECTORS for assistance.
Parents, you can also see our NEW TO BAND? OVERVIEW OF ATB page for general information.

What time is the _____ event? For standard rehearsal times, check out REHEARSAL SCHEDULES page (Scroll down for an overview of schedules). Updates are communicated through the TROJAN BAND BLAST and BAND CALENDAR as details become available. We post information as soon as we know it, but oftentimes, we don’t get specific times until a week or so prior to an event. Check the pages that apply to certain performance groups such as JAZZ BAND and DANCE GUARD, etc.

Would you like read sample of schedules games, contests, and parades? Check out these links: SAMPLE SCHEDULES page. They will give you an idea of ATB events


How will I eat on Game Day or Contest Day? fill out and turn in the band CATERING FORM by the deadline. We offer box suppers for a reasonable price to those who pre-order them. You may also bring supper to school for your student, but rarely do students have time to leave school to get something to eat prior to dressing and boarding the buses for games and contests. For more information, see the SAMPLE MARCHING CONTEST DAY SCHEDULE page and SAMPLE GAME DAY SCHEDULE pages

How do I arrange a carpool or ride? ATTEND the PARENT MEETING and meet other parents and gather contact info! MEET your section leader and gather contact info. Look at your AHS/MMS Directory from last year and 2 years ago for other band kids in your neighborhood. Consider providing some gas money if your kid gets driven and you do not share in the driving, especially during Flamingo-ing. ABBA also produces a DIRECTORY that is helpful. Talk to the MEMBERSHIP CHAIR to get a copy. They are distributed early in the Fall Semester, which is why it is important to send in your Directory Information forms ASAP. (directory Information forms are in the Summer Packet, and are the same forms on which you order shirts and shoes) Percussion/Dance Guard section members-since there are often extra rehearsals for these groups, it helps to have section carpools.

I need a Band Directory – please contact the MEMBERSHIP CHAIR.


I lost my form for signing up for meals/ordering t-shirts/signing up for the directory/medical and transportation permit. Go to the FORMS page and download and print one. We have most of them there.

What is a LATE START DAY? See the REHEARSAL SCHEDULE page for more information. For those who are not familiar with what this is, several times a semester there will be a Thursday when classes begin at 10:00 am.  The earlier hours are used by the teachers on campus to meet as a learning team for planning and coordination of lessons.  This is a district mandated day.  For the band, this means that zero hour will begin at 8:30 and go until 9:30, which will still allow the students half an hour before first period. Sometimes, especially if we have a Thursday game, or have missed another day of rehearsal, or it is just prior to a contest performance, we will have rehearsal at 7:30 am, to make up the missed rehearsal.

How do we get to games and contests? Be sure to fill out and turn in your TRANSPORTATION PERMISSION FORM. It’s good all year long. Students generally ride school buses or charter buses to games and contests. If you wish to pick your student up and leave early, a written note is required from parents, 24 hours in advance. Discuss options and safety with your band student. Whether they are a passenger or a driver, safety is their FIRST priority! It is helpful to have the cell numbers of your own student, plus other band and section friends as well as their section leaders, in case you need to contact them!

Can Parents help? Absolutely !!! We’d love to have help, you can never have too much! Plus, it is the best way to get to know the people your band student spends so much time with. Review our PARENT VOLUNTEERING page for opportunities to get involved. Talk to any of the committee chairs. The ABBA will take you to the right pages.

Can I share my photos and videos? I took a really great picture/video at last week’s game…PLEASE DO on our VIDEO/PHOTO GALLERY.

How do I earn a Band Letter Jacket? Basically by participating in band for 4 years (every semester). There are other ways too, such as earning a I on your solo at TSSEC or by making All-State band. More detailed answers can be found in the BAND HANDBOOK.

Why do we have fundraisers? What is Fair Share? Check out our FUNDRAISING page.

What are the words to the Anderson School Song and the Fight Song?

What band/music classes are offered at AHS?
What classes do I register for?
What credit is earned for band?
How does No Pass-No Play affect band students?

What if I don’t want my name or my photo on the website? Please read our PRIVACY POLICY and/or contact the WEBMASTER.