2014-2015 Welcome Packet

The information included in this lengthy page is the Trojan Band Welcome packet, distributed in June of 2014.  The letters, handouts and forms are all displayed in one page for your reference.   

Need a hard copy of the packet?  Click here for the 2014 Summer Packet PDF.


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Greetings Anderson Band Family, The 2014 marching season is here! I hope everyone enjoyed the end of another great school year. I’d first like to welcome all of the new members in our program.  We have a phenomenal program here at Anderson and we’re looking forward to having you as a part of our large family that is made up of Dance Guard, Wind Marchers, Battery, and Front Ensemble!  Following our very successful 2013 season, we are looking forward to presenting our fall production: “Dark Hollow”.  The show features the music of Bernard Herrmann’s “Psycho”, David Gillingham’s “Concerto for Percussion”, and Jon Rutter’s “Requiem.”  It’s going to be a great show that will have a slightly darker theme than we’ve used in the past.  We have a few tricks up our sleeves for this year’s production thanks to our creative team, and we are planning to have a very successful competition season as we fight for a spot in the UIL State Marching Band contest!  I promise that it will be a great season and an innovative and memorable show! –  Ryan Zysk, Director of Bands


  2. SIGN UP FOR THE ANDERSON BAND BLASTS. There is a link in the top right hand corner on the homepage of the band’s website.  Have your student sign up as well.  It is your source for changing information, updates on contests, and notes from the directors.  The section leaders often use Facebook to convey messages to their sections, so have your child ask their section leader to add them to any pages if they are on Facebook.  (Membership on Facebook is not required – it is just an easy way for the kids to communicate in a group format).
  3.  PRACTICE THIS SUMMER. Students should have received sheet music for the first movement of our show at our Spring Music Camp labeled “Out of the Woods”.  If you need more music, please contact Andrea Camacho and she can send you a digital copy.   If you want a marching position, spend some extra time with our show music over the summer.  You must “pass off” the first part of your show music by memory during the first week of band camp.  The term “passing off” means that the student should be able to stand in place, play their part from memory, play with a good tone, and perform the music at tempo free of errors.  STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT ABLE TO PLAY THEIR MUSIC MAY END UP AS ALTERNATES.   All eligible students will march during football games, but only primary marchers will perform at marching contests.  Some sections are VERY competitive due to the need to have a balanced sound on the field, so consistent practice and preparation of your music will help your chances of securing one of these spots.  If you are interested in switching over to Horn or Tuba and being guaranteed a spot, please email Mr. Zysk directly before the start of band camp.  (While only the first part of the show music must be learned by memory for the start of band camp, all music included in this packet will be relevant during band camp and should be regularly practiced.)
  4.  BE ACTIVE OUTSIDE! Please get outside this summer and BE ACTIVE IN THE HOT WEATHER!   The Band (including Dance Guard) practices outside at least 4 hours a day.  The more time you spend outside all summer, the less likely you’ll feel sick during summer band camp. Remember, marching band is a P.E. credit for a reason – so get ready to MOVE!
  5. GO ONLINE AND FILL OUT THE FORMS – IT’S EASIER! An online version of the forms sent in this packet will be available beginning July 1st.  You can fill out the forms online and pay either by credit card or mail in a check. (Of course you can mail it all in!)   The deadline for these forms and the first payment is July 28th.  Please note that only checks for food should be made out to ABBA. All other checks should be made out to the Anderson Band. It takes a lot of organizing and money to run a band program of this caliber and size – these forms and payment of fair share is vital to the program’s continued success.  If you need financial assistance, please contact Mr. Zysk directly.

2014 Summer Band Camp General Info

Summer Band Camp is July 28 – Aug 22, for all band members. From July 28th thru August 15th the hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The week of August 18th thru the 22nd it is from 5 p.m to 8 p.m.

Band Leadership Retreat is July 24 – 27 (section leaders and drum majors ONLY, no officers)

What to bring: hat, marching instrument, music in flip folder (you can purchase at any music store), pencil, sunscreen, water bottle (we will provide you with one after we begin camp)…wear a plain white t shirt, socks and tennis shoes.

First day: Meet outside in the student parking lot! Be in the parking lot with your instrument and ready to play by 8:00 a.m.

Instruments: Most summer horns have already been issued, if you still need a summer horn – contact Mr. Torres via e-mail by mid June. Music should be practiced all summer long….it needs to be memorized for marching season! We will hold playing auditions, from memory, for field placement during the first week of camp.

Uniform Fitting Dates:  Fittings are July 28 & 29. Your band student will be fitted for a marching band uniform and a concert season uniform (tuxedo or dress). A tailor will be on hand at this time to measure for any necessary alterations. During first two days of band camp students will try on hats, marching band shoes and gloves so they can be ordered. We will also take photos for brag buttons at this time. (each family gets 2!)  Uniforms will be fit on the last week of camp after the student’s Trojan Charge. Since so much happens, AND we rely on volunteer manpower and the much-reduced services of a local tailor, it is difficult to offer extra times if you don’t come to your scheduled time. The tailor will likely charge YOU full price if fittings are not done during these days. FALL DATES that we know of…   PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR THE MOST CURRENT AND UP TO DATE INFORMATION.  WE ALREADY HAVE FALL DATES INCLUDING ALL GAMES AND CONTESTS!

2014 Summer Social Calendar

New Band Parent Meeting Jul 28, 6 pm, Anderson Band Hall – find answers to your questions, meet other parents, ABBA officers and the Directors, help your student have a great band career at AHS. Please come for a brief orientation, followed by a Q & A session with the directors and ABBA officers. It’s the best way to find out about what your Band kiddo will be doing, what is expected of them, and to learn all you need to know about Flamingo-ing!

Flamingo-ing – August 4-18th Our largest Fun(d)raiser of the year and a really fun team-building event!  Questions?? See the website and come to the New Parent meeting. It starts on the evening of the Band Picnic, August 4th. Each band section has 8 pink plastic birds called a flock. Each evening during Flamingo-ing, sections head out and go to people’s houses and place the flock, leaving a notice that for payment, the flock will be removed and released to fly on to another victim, pretty much immediately. The goal is to move the flock quickly from house to house. Victims have a chance to send the flock to other people as well. Most kids are home by 11-12 pm, but parents CAN and DO set individual curfews. The idea here is that the kids work together, get to know one another and raise money for the band’s activities. Flamingo-ing provides the bulk of ABBA’s yearly operating fund. While it is scary to send off your kiddo with a teen driver, know that we’ve got eyes and ears all over, and we’ve never had a dangerous incident. The kids KNOW that if there is a major problem; Flamingo-ing STOPS immediately! Parents CAN drive and it is becoming more necessary when sections have a limited number of drivers. Know also that on the other end that the parents of the teen drivers are trying to make sure that things are safe for their kids to be transporting a number of teens. Our Flamingo Captains (adults) take up money EACH night and they know more than they let on about the evening’s activities. IF there is a problem, they let the Directors know and things are ironed out pretty quickly.  This is an activity for ALL BAND MEMBERS.

Band Family Picnic – Aug. 4th, at Anderson High School, 6 pm; a Band AND Family event.  Family members are encouraged to come, meet, eat and socialize.  It is the best time to get to know the section leaders and other section members that your Band student till spend so much time with.  (and their parents)  It’s a good time to set up carpools, etc.  Each family will be asked to bring a dish to share.  The yahoo and website will let you know what type of food you are to bring. Bring lawn chairs and plenty to drink.  Watch the website and the yahoo newsletter for more information!

Swim Party – Aug 18th,Westover Club near AHS, 8-10 pm – A social event for band students. It’s from 8-10 pm after the club closes to its members. All are usually asked to bring some sort of snack.  Some parents do attend to keep things flowing at the snack table, etc.

See the BAND’s website for more details and events as they are planned and become available.


Anderson Band Website: http://www.andersontrojanband.com

Subscribe to the TROJAN BAND BLAST to receive email updates on band events. Info will come infrequently throughout the summer, then daily during Band Camp and then once a week once Band Camp is over. We also send out emergency updates as needed. Once you receive your e-mailed invitation, you MUST respond to join the newsletter. It is then e-mailed directly to you (easiest way) or you have the option of having to log on to website to check for news.

Other Important Communication Info: Anderson PTSA website http://www.andersononline.org The Trojan Times has news from all areas of Anderson High School.  Click here to subscribe to the Trojan Times. Or you can go to andersononline.org, go down to the middle of the page to “Subscribe to the Trojan Times” and follow the instructions there.

Parent Volunteering/ABBA Committee Descriptions

Membership: create and distribute the Band Directory and Brag Buttons for all parents!
Pit Crew: We move the band!
Social: Music is not the only interest of band members. This committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and producing a number of social events throughout the year starting with the Back-to-School picnic, refreshments at camp and at concerts, and the Awards Banquet at the close of the school year.
Spirit: create and maintain yard signs and band hall decorations prior to contests
Fundraising: flamingo-ing and fun(d) raising, this committee needs many volunteers!
Uniform: We clothe the band in various uniforms: marching and concert. We maintain, inventory and arrange for fitting and altering. It’s a great way to meet the students!
Chaperone: bus trips with the band!
Student Catering: FOOD! Meals need to be provided to our hungry band members at many events, mainly before football games. This committee arranges for food delivery and distribution to our students.
Dance Guard: assists the instructors with all aspects of the Dance Guard squad including flag and uniform selection, purchasing and maintenance, plus game preparation and fundraising. 
ABBA * Anderson Band Booster Association Our group actively supports the Anderson Band program (marching, jazz, guard, concert season, etc), the band students, the directors and all sanctioned band activities. You don’t need to have a student in the band to belong to ABBA.  We sponsor the summer picnic and swim party. We help plan fun activities during summer band. During the school year, we provide refreshments at concerts. We chaperone buses to and from competitions and football games and transport instruments. We print the band student directory. We sit together at football games and contests to cheer for the band. We sponsor a web site and a Yahoo news group. We raise money for new instruments, music, contest fees, tuners, yard signs, letter jackets, color guard flags and the marching show. We fit and mend uniforms and arrange for tailoring. We assist students with contest and game day preparation and meals. In addition, we help fund supplemental summer band instruction, as well as drum line/front line and color guard instructors. The Anderson Band Booster Association provides all of these services to benefit all band and dance guard students.  WE NEED YOU! More importantly, your student needs you (even if they say it would be embarrassing to have you around). By being an Anderson Band parent you are already a BOOSTER. So please, volunteer for a committee. We’d love to have you! (See the website for committee chairs, descriptions and contact info) Volunteering is the BEST way to keep up with your kiddo, no matter how much they say they don’t need you -they DO, and WE do!!! (No matter how grown up and independent they are.) Our monthly meetings are at the Band Hall, and all interested parents are invited to attend. Dates and times are announced on the website calendar (http://www.andersontrojanband.com ) and are sent out on updates from the Yahoo news group. To get an invitation to the news group, please email Ronda Roach (ABBA President for 2014-2015) at rondajroach@gmail.com

Summer Band Camp FAQs

Is summer band important? YES, it is THE time for learning all marching fundamentals and the band begins to learn halftime drills, stands music and the marching contest show and music. Marching Spots on the field are maintained by knowing your music and drill.

Are contests and concerts required? YES, these are the ‘exams’ for the Marching Band and the Concert Bands.

When will we know the dates and specific times for contests and concerts? As soon as the contest personnel set them and make them available to the directors.

What if I have a conflict/soccer game/grandma visit/SAT test….? Band is a TEAM ACTIVITY. Participation during rehearsals AND contests and concerts is vital to the success of the band. If you miss a practice or performance, there is a hole in the group. We know that Band Students are involved in a variety of activities (both in and out of school) and some conflicts will arise. The BEST THING to do is to TALK to the DIRECTOR AS SOON AS YOU ARE AWARE OF A CONFLICT or potential conflict. The Directors can help students solve conflicts given time to do so. Sometimes a compromise can be made, but understand that sometimes another band member will need to take over your spot.

Why is there a summer uniform? It is HOT during much of our outdoor season, and we want the students to be more comfortable and safe, while maintaining a ‘uniform appearance’. We usually begin to wear our full marching uniform on or about October 1st.

Is participation in both concert bands and marching band required? YES, while we have different seasons and functions, we often work on marching music during the school day. It is also important that a music student’s skills continue to be practiced and developed during the spring semester. This is also the reason that we have our new ‘dance/guard class’ during the school day.

WHO is a member of the marching band? Those marching on the field, including dance guard, percussion and pit.

Fair Share

Fair Share 2014-2015: $ 425.00

(Required for ALL band students: concert, marching and dance guard)

Fair share is going up this year (2014-2015) due to two factors:

First, the parents voted not to participate in the Pok-e-Jo’s fundraiser at the UT football games. The band made $6000.00 or more from this fundraiser each year. It was too difficult to get parents to commit to working the booth and the weekends often coincided with band competitions. As a result, the band is coming up $6000.00 short to start.

Second, the parents voted for the band to pay for competition meals for the whole band. It proved too difficult to know who had purchased a meal and who had not. It is also hard when you have a hungry student there without food. This is to better accommodate all students on busy competition days and ensure every child gets to eat.This is for competitions only, not football games. Students will need to purchase meals for the football games. The order form is on the website under forms. The cost to the band for this decision is approximately $13500.00.

Your Band’s Budget

  • Additional Staff (clinicians, technicians, marching season and concert bands) 27%
  • Administration for Band (copier, paper, postage, etc.) 3%
  • Busses (for competitions only) 11%
  • Competition Fees (UIL, BOA, Region, etc.) 5%
  • Equipment and Transportation (truck rental, trailer, lighting, flags, props, etc.) 16%
  • Instrument Repairs 3%
  • Meals for Competitions 7%
  • Music (Marching Show Music & Drill and Concert Music for band classes) 12%
  • Student Benefits (band banquet, letter jackets, water bottles, socials, etc.) 8%
  • Uniforms 8%
  • Total 100%

Where the Money Comes From

District 23%
Fair Share 47%
Fundraising 30%
The band cannot operate without fair share.

All Students participating in band/guard are expected to meet the payment schedule. Failure to meet the due dates OR contact the director in advance can result in student’s removal from participation. We incur many costs in advance on students’ behalf, and for this reason, there can be no refunds due to ineligibility or change of schedule, as expenses are pre-paid. Plan well in advance and pass your classes!

Parents of any student with financial difficulty must contact the director by email in advance of any due date for an extension. Communication is the key and TOTAL PARTICIPATION in all fundraisers is required for anyone in this circumstance. No student will be denied participation due to a family’s inability to pay.
Fair Share: $ 425

You can pay in one payment of $425.00 or

You can pay in 3 installments:

Payment Schedule

Payment DescriptionPayment DateAmount Due
Full Payment7-28-2014$425
Partial Payment #17-28-2014$200
Partial Payment #28-22-2014$150
Partial Payment #39-19-2014$75
You can pay by mailing in a check or paying through the Trojan Band Store online


Casual Marching Uniform (worn during the hottest months of summer at football games: polo shirt (provided by band), shorts*, brown belt, plain white shoes (blue accents acceptable), white ‘no show’ socks. *There are VERY DETAILED guidelines for shorts on the band’s website. Please look at that before you buy;there are stores listed where the shorts have been sighted. YOU MUST HAVE THESE BY July 28th FOR OUR GROUP PANORAMIC PHOTOGRAPH.

Dance Guard Uniforms: Summer TBA Formal TBA

Marching Uniform: (distributed with hanging bag on a hanger, small parts in a black mesh bag ) bib pants, jacket, black gloves (1 pr provided), hat in protective case, black marching shoes (ordered on form), black tall socks (purchased on your own), show shirt (provided by band) Concert Uniform: Boys wear black tuxes (provided by band) Tux coat, tux pants, white tux shirt, bow tie, cummerbund, black dress shoes (patent leather marching shoes OK), tall black socks Girls wear black dresses (provided by band) Dress (sleeveless): black hosiery, black closed-toe dress shoes, black undergarments/camisole Jazz Band uniforms: to be determined at a later date *Please, consider buying extra black and white socks for the band. We sell them on game days to those who forget their socks. STUDENTS may buy additional black socks for $2/pair and gloves for $4/pair from the uniform staff. Leave them in a sack on the door of the uniform room! Also –black/brown bobby pins, brown or black hair rubber band ties or a wide black hair band are useful to keep hair up inside of the band hats. Boys’/girls’ hair may not hang below collars during contests. Also consider buying extra hair supplies for the band. We go through a LOT of these on game/contest days! PLEASE note that any uniform part that is not returned must be paid for by students. Also – it is the student’s responsibility to return their uniforms properly cleaned, on the hanger in the bag in which it was checked out. All uniform part numbers are noted on the bag tag for each student, and students should return their own uniform

Marching Shoes: Marching Shoes are required for ALL band students, marching and dance guard.  This is included in the fair share for new members. Any returning members with shoes that are not in good condition need to purchase a pair from the Trojan Band Store. Returning members’ shoes must be in “like-new” condition.  If there is any question, please ask a director.
Show Shirts: All students will receive one 2013 show shirt in the size marked above (included in the Fair Share). If you would like for your student to have an additional show shirt, you need to order it from the Trojan Band Store.
Additional Show T-Shirts Families should order shirts from the Trojan Band Store ($10 each). These are the same shirts that the students wear. It is good to have one to wear to games and contests.
Student Polo Shirts Only new students (excluding dance guard) will receive one polo shirt in the size marked above (included in the Fair Share). Dance Guard members will receive a special summer uniform that does not include our band polo.
Additional Polo Shirts Families should order shirts from the Trojan Band Store ($20 each). These are the same shirts that the students wear. It is good to have one to wear to games and contests.

3 Ways to Pay

  1. Bring cash or check to the band hall or main office payable to “Anderson Band”
  2. Mail check to Anderson Band, 8403 Mesa Drive, Austin TX, 78759
  3. Credit Card payment via our Trojan Band Store.


Don’t forget to fill out the following forms online, even if you are paying by check: