Summer Band Camp

For more information, read the TROJAN BAND WELCOME PACKET.  It is filled with-up to-date details about the current year’s goals and information.

Summer band camp is vital to a successful marching season. This is where the students learn how to march, learn to play their marching music and how to play the stand tunes that are played during the games.  This is also when they earn their spot on the field for the marching show and become one of the band family. If you have an incoming freshman, this time allows them to become familiar with the school and the ability to meet and get to know a lot of upperclassmen. This makes walking the halls the first couple of weeks much less stressful when they see familiar faces. Summer band camp is also the time they do our biggest fundraiser of the year, FLAMINGO-ING. This is a great team building exercise and the kids have a blast doing it. It culminates with the swim party.  Summer band camp is hot and a lot of work, but worth every minute they spend there.

 Summer Band Tips

1. Make sure to be ON TIME!

2. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water during camp and AT NIGHT.

3. Wear Sunscreen! You will burn standing out on the black parking lot for 3 hours.

4. Wear Sunglasses and Caps to protect your face.

5. White t-shirts are preferred for marching rehearsals and practices, include summer band camp.  Band students should wear any white t-shirt of their choice (It does not need to be plain white; writings/logos are fine.) Read more on our UNIFORMS page.