ANDERSON TROJAN BAND LOCK IN with laser tag, movies, video and board games, snacks and MORE!  The lock in is a student-favorite event, that is of little cost to the band.  To host such an event, it takes parent volunteers to be on sight.  We are still in desperate need of a few volunteers, please sign up here:
When:  Friday, February 24, 9:00 p.m.* to Saturday February 25, 7:00 a.m.
*No one will be admitted after 10:00 without approval of a band director and parents please be on time for pick up at 7:00am!
Who:  Every Anderson Band or Dance Guard Member – NO GUESTS!!!
Where:  Anderson Band Hall, Orchestra and Choir Rooms and Lobby
What to Bring:

  • Laser Tag Waiver: — MUST be completed and signed to participate in all-night laser tag in the band hall
  • Freshmen – Sweets
  • Sophomores – Beverages  (12 pack of sodas or bottled water)
  • Juniors – Salty Snacks (bags of chips, pretzels)
  • Seniors – the snack of their choice
  • If you want coffee – Bring some Kuerig cups – we will have a machine
  • Also Bring:  pillows, blankets, movies, game systems, music, cards, board games.
Parents, we will have our parent volunteers stationed throughout the area to ensure that everyone is having a fun and safe time.  A Band Director will also be on hand at all times to ensure that all goes well.