Greetings Trojan Band Family!

We are in the home stretch of marching season and we are ready for a final, huge, great push!  I know this is the part of the season that feels as though we are in the final stage of a marathon – but soak up every moment of it!  At this point in the season we have spent roughly 161 hours in rehearsal honing our skills, practicing fundamentals and learning every set of LUMINOSITY.  I love marching band for the fact that this is something we can do program-wide and we are all one team. We all have those moments, especially this time of year, when we get tired and overwhelmed.  I say ALL because yes, even your directors feel what you are feeling in this moment as students and parents.  That being said, I am so thankful to be able to spend so many hours with such an amazing group of people – our parents, students and staff of the Trojan Band.  As we hit the final two weeks and our final competition, be in the moment and refine and enjoy.  This is what our entire organization of students, parents and directors has been aiming for!!  GO TROJAN BAND!!!!

This week:  We have a normal rehearsal schedule with a late start rehearsal (rehearsal schedule posted at bottom of email).  Uniforms went home Friday night (and if for some reason they didn’t, they need to go home Monday) to get washed.  All uniforms need to return to the band hall clean and ready to go WEDNESDAY.

Region Jazz Band Sectionals are this Wednesday night – See the white board in the band hall for your sectional location.

If you are interested in auditioning for region orchestra you need to let directors know by LUNCH on Monday!  Region orchestra auditions are Nov 11 at Anderson.

Thank you for a fabulous showing at the Blue Dragon Yard Concert Saturday!  This is one of my favorite events as it really fires up the entire neighborhood.  Way to go!

BIG Thank you to Ellen Stewart and Dean Tesmer for hosting an end-of-season parent party!  I know the grind on band parents is a hard one….and you deserve some cheers!  Thank you to all our band parents for all you do in getting our band kids to and from rehearsal, keeping them healthy and cheering them on and off the field!  We couldn’t do it without you!!

COMING UP:  Senior night is Nov 10.  If you have a senior, they will be receiving their letter jackets that night!  Students that have been in band 4 years get a letter jacket compliments of the Anderson Band Boosters.   We have a fun little ceremony in the band hall at 4:45 that you are welcome to attend, and then we have a senior celebration during halftime.  That week we will ask each child for 2 escorts to walk with them and receive their rose at halftime.  You won’t want to miss it if you are a senior parent!!!! (because of senior night, we will not do the marching show Nov 10.  Your last chance to see Luminosity at a game will be Nov 3, and US Bands Nov 4)

Rehearsal Schedule for the week:

Monday:  Guard and Percussion

Tuesday:  WInds and Brass

Wednesday:  Full Band

Thursday:  Full Band (Late Start)  7:30-9:30am

Friday:  Full Band 7:30-8:30  With Belles  BELLE TUNE THIS WEEK IS HAWAII 5-0

Friday Game is at San Marcos (BLACK SHOW SHIRT)  we will inspect leaders at 5:10, everyone else at 5:15 and load and leave by 5:30.

SATURDAY US BANDS SCHEDULE:  Location Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex in Round Rock

12:30-2 Rehearse at AHS (wear Bibbers, section shirt (white), Dinkles to rehearsal)

2:30 Leave

3:00 Check in at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex

3:20 Warm up

4:15 PERFORM; Dinner served to everyone immediately following performance

Return Time approx 10:30pm

Everyone have a great week!!!

Ms. Gonzalez