We are almost to the end of the semester!  We will keep this blast short and sweet as we wind down our remaining two days!

Region Band Clinic and Concert:  The rescheduled date is still up in the air, although it’s looking like there’s about a 90% possibility that the rescheduled event will happen on Jan 5-6.  The second I get confirmation from the region I will send a blast out as I know it affects scheduling for many people.

When we get back:

January 8:  ABBA Meeting 6:00 Band Hall

Jan 19-20:  ALL CITY BAND (participation based on nomination and selection)

January 30:  Pops Concert – All bands will play a concert at the Anderson PAC, 7pm

February 10:  Solo and Ensemble (mandatory for WInd Ensemble, Symphonic)

Everyone have a wonderful Holiday season and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

-Ms. G