Congratulations to our symphonic and wind ensemble students for a great region audition!  Below are the final results from Thursday and Saturday.  Students advancing in the region band symphonic band and wind ensemble will receive folders tomorrow with all the details regarding this weekend’s clinic and concert.  They will work with fabulous clinicians and put on a concert Saturday (Dec 8 and 9).

Flute – Cooper Bamberg (Symphonic), Andrea de Santiago Perez (Symphonic), Claire Vasseur (district)

Oboe – Mary White (Wind Ensemble)

English Horn – Tessa Goeser  (Wind Ensemble)

Clarinet – Alec Monroy (Wind Ensemble) Nickhil Anantha (symphonic) Anisa Rajah (symphonic)

Bassoon – Lea Zimmerman (District band) Lila Tamburrano (district band)

Alto Sax – Jess Rugeley (Wind Ensemble) Jungi Jung (Symphonic) Sam Cobb (district band) Game Stahl (district band)

Tenor sax – Jamie Jones – Symphonic Band

Trumpet – Steven Oh (symphonic) Ty Nelson (symphonic) Jack Jones (symphonic)

Horn – Colin Lanier (district) Viveca Holman (district) Ashwin Shankar (district)

Tenor Trombone  – Will Sztejnberg (wind ensemble)

Bass Trombone – Sam Johnson (Wind Ensemble)

Euphonium – Liam Gompff ( Wind Ensemble)

Tuba – Ryan Licce (Symphonic) Nick Tesmer (district) Juan Alvarado (district)

Percussion – David Oh – Wind Ensemble

Congrats to the following students on earning an AREA audition – which is the last audition before making the All-State band:  Alec Monroy, Tessa Goeser, Mary White, Jess Rugeley, Will Sztejnberg, Sam Johnson, Liam Gompf, David Oh, and Owen Chance (advancing to Area on Contrabassoon through orchestra auditions)


This week we will have our holiday concert on Tuesday night in the Anderson PAC at 7pm.  We look forward to showing off what we have been working on since the end of marching season.  We will also be taking up a collection to get gifts for our wonderful, hardworking custodians at the concert!  If you have ever seen the band hall on a game day….or any other day for that matter….you know they work magic!

Everyone have a WONDERFUL week!!