I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!  We are looking forward to a fast paced end to our semester – Here is the rundown!

Region band auditions are THIS WEEK!  Preparations for these auditions are required for all wind ensemble and symphonic members.  Best of luck as we head to region!  We will have a bus deliver students to the Thursday night audition, but they are responsible for their ride FROM the Thursday night audition.  Auditions both Thursday and Saturday take place at AKINS HIGH SCHOOL and will start roughly 5:15pm on Thursday and the conclusion is dependent upon that room…usually around 8:30pm.  Report time for students auditioning Saturday is 10am at Akins.  Students will warm up in the cafeteria and upon arrival need to report to audition room for check-in with the room monitor.

Instruments auditioning on Thursday night:  Flute, Bb Soprano Clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, horn, bass trombone, tuba, percussion

Instruments auditioning Saturday morning:  Flute, all double reeds, phase 2 Bb soprano clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, bari sax, phase 2 trumpet, tenor trombone, euphonium, phase 2 percussion


MONDAY MORNING – Full orchestra rehearsal 7:45am (winds report)

Novemeber 30 and Dec 1:  Region Auditions at Akins

December 5 7pm – WINTER CONCERT

December 8 and 9 – Region Band concert and clinic for students that advance.

January 8 – ABBA Meeting

January 13 – AREA auditions at UT for students that advance to area auditions

January 30 – Band pops concert

Everyone have a great week!

Ms. G