The week is here!  Tons of information to cover so I will get straight to it.  We will do a full run Wednesday night at 6:50 and you are welcome to come watch before we get on the road to BOA.

There is a St. Louis Parent Meeting in the band hall tomorrow (Monday, October 16) at 6pm!!  Bring Halloween Candy donations to kill two birds with one stone!

We had several students that had issues on Friday night with uniform parts that were stored in hat boxes after the rain game….while the rest of the uniform went home to be washed gauntlets were in the plastic hat box at school.  Here are some tips on getting those gauntlets back into good condition.  Please use extreme caution as replacing those items is costly due to the fact that these are custom uniforms – about $60 to replace gauntlets and hat wraps.  DO NOT to use bleach/lemon juice as those items will most likely ruin the uniforms with their bleaching agents…also do not to scrub the uniform too much (or at all) as it may leave a worn out patch on the uniform.  Clean out hat boxes with a Clorox wipe and set out to dry in a sunny spot in the house for 2-3 hours.

White vinegar and water:

  1. For heavy mildew buildups, pour some full-strength vinegar on the mildew.
  2. For light stains, mix equal parts of vinegar and water. Pour this solution on the mildew [source: Get Mildew out of Clothes with White Vinegar].


Bands of America has tiers of competitions – regionals, super regionals and grand nationals.  There are several regionals all over the US (BOA Austin was a regional competition); there are only three super regional sites that are held in large stadium domes (St. Louis, San Antonio and Indianapolis) and then Grand Nationals in Indianapolis.   You can subscribe to watch – they do a really great job and it’s a wonderful way to be there in spirit.  Click HERE to go to FLO MARCHING to subscribe.

Packing for St. Louis:

Please limit yourself to a small duffel or back pack size luggage.  We will be putting instruments, uniforms and hat boxes under the bus and bags will have to either fit under the seat or in the overhead compartment of the bus.  The overhead compartments are not as roomy as an airline…they are more square and narrow.  Please pack very tightly or it may not fit.

  • Students may bring snacks for the bus ride (no nuts or nut products)
  • They may bring a pillow and a blanket stuffed inside the pillow
  • Wear layers on the bus and don’t forget a jacket or sweatshirt – it can get cold and you will probably need them for the Friday Rehearsal
  • We will make a pit stop at a large Love’s Friday morning for kids to clean up a little bit before we feed them breakfast and head for rehearsal.
  • They will need:
    • Friday rehearsal outfit (Section shirt, shorts, layers)
    • Friday evening they may want to change at the hotel before we go to dinner – beware the museum is a giant multi-story place so comfortable, active clothes are needed
    • Saturday Under-uniform outfit (shorts and Show Shirt) We will stay in this all day
    • Easy change of comfortable clothes for the bus ride home
    • WEATHER IN St. Louis looks to be in the upper 50’s for our rehearsal and the 60’s for the afternoon at the arch. 
  • All meals, attractions and activities are covered through your fair share payment, but I recommend sending your child with some spending money ($30) in case they want to get snacks at the dome on Saturday.  Keep in mind dome food is stadium food…expensive.

Students will turn in their luggage to the luggage room (Ensemble Room) Thursday morning between 7:30am and 8:45am.   We will check it in and at 8:45am lock the room for the day.  Please plan to be on time as we will not accept luggage past 8:45am and there will be no access to the room until we load after school.  


For your convenience, we will be collecting Halloween Candy for the band at the 6pm Oct. 16th St. Louis Parent Meeting.  Thank you to those who have already donated candy!

Thanks to our chaperones, pit crew and uniform committee traveling with the band this week and all that are making the trip possible!  Additionally, thank you to former band parents Candy Cheng and Angela Wang for being out trip coordinators and arranging all meals!!!  We are so lucky to have such a supportive community!  

Thank you and we will see you tomorrow night!

A Gonzalez