We are T-minus less than 2 weeks from our St. Louis trip!  We are putting the finishing touches on our plans and are getting very excited for finalizing the show!  It’s going to be a big push to the very end but we can’t wait for the finished product!

This week, no school Monday, the rehearsal for the Monday folks moves to Tuesday with winds – so EVERYONE will rehearse Tuesday from 5-7pm.

This week:


Tuesday FULL rehearsal 5-7pm

Wednesday FULL rehearsal 5-7pm

Thursday morning NO rehearsal to keep us under limit for the week with our Saturday rehearsal

Friday morning FULL rehearsal 7:30am-8:30am

Friday evening:  AWAY game at Maner HS

Saturday FULL REHEARSAL at Nelson Field 10am-1pm.

There is a parent meeting for the St. Louis Trip October 16 at 6pm in the band hall.  There is an Anderson Band Booster Association (ABBA) meeting immediately following the general trip meeting – parents, stay for the ABBA meeting to see what our awesome booster organization is up to!

Marcher of the Week volunteer needed for next year
A volunteer is needed to take over the job of decorating the lockers of the Marchers of the Week next year. The volunteer who currently decorates the band lockers for Marchers of the Week is a parent with a senior. If this seems like a volunteer position you would like, you can come help decorate lockers for the remaining football games this year to see if you like it! This volunteer job is a lot of fun and can be shared by multiple parents. The job entails decorating the lockers of Marchers of the Week on game day after the entire band has left the band hall.    For more information or to help decorate, please contact Dana Stebler, 512-461-7247 or

LOOKING AHEAD:  I have emailed the campus both at the beginning of school and recently to give them a planning head’s up for your trip.  Please be proactive as we approach our St. Louis trip!  It is your responsibility to get work you will miss and get ahead of the curve THIS WEEK before we hit next week.  An additional item to note:  We will miss Friday for St. Louis (a B day) and there is no school Monday which is followed by another B day that Tuesday.  We have our marching band UIL performance the Tuesday following BOA St. Louis and we will leave school around 2pm.  Think ahead and get together with your teachers to see what that looks like for you this week.  Touch base with me if I can assist….we can’t lose you from ANY marching rehearsals before or after school, but if I can send you during a band class if that helps (do not wait until the day of to make these plans with me).  This will all be done on a case by case basis at director discretion so be thinking ahead.  THIS week is the week to have all of those conversations – do not wait until next week.

**The MONDAY AFTER St. Louis is a day of NO SCHOOL for students.  We will not rehearse on Monday so they can rest up after their weekend.  We will rehearse that following TUESDAY morning (Oct 24) 7:30-8:30am as we have UIL that afternoon. UIL schedule coming.

Thank you all so much for your energy and hard work!  As I said earlier, we are EXTREMELY excited to take the show on the road.  I will say after all of the above, this is the time when I think students learn the most from the marching band experience.   I believe the number one skill band students really glean from the hustle and bustle is to learn to think ahead, be proactive and budget their time.  It’s amazing to see students helping each other out in the band hall before and after school….and the upperclassmen keeping the younger ones ahead of the curve.  I will continue to try to provide a roadmap well in advance for the students AND parents to guide!!

Have a great week!!!

Ms. Gonzalez