Congratulations to the drum line for an excellent showing at the Dripping Springs Drum Line Competition yesterday!!!  Great start to our competition season!  AISD Band Jamboree is this Tuesday – this is a fun event put on by AISD to showcase the marching bands at all AISD High Schools.  It takes place at Burger Center/stadium down in south Austin.    Every student will get 2 complimentary tickets for this event when they leave rehearsal Monday night if they want them – please let your child know whether or not they need to pick up tickets for your family.

For Friday night’s game, wear your LUMINOSITY black show shirt, for Saturday’s competition wear your white show shirt under your uniform.

Because of the busy out-of-school hours this week, we will be giving a bit of homework time in each class (WE WILL STILL PLAY AND WORK ON THE SHOW MUSIC AND REGION MUSIC IN EACH CLASS as well) This chunk of time MUST be used for homework and study.  If you do not have homework, you need to be looking ahead, getting yourself organized and studying.  **Wind Ensemble please bring concert instruments to class all week for daily region music work as well**. We will be distributing grade reports to those in need with eligibility updates.

Rehearsal Schedule for the week (modified because of AISD BAND JAMBOREE) 

Monday – EVERYONE. 5-7pm

Tuesday – EVERYONE goes to Band Jamboree (schedule below)

Wednesday – EVERYONE 5-7pm


Friday – 7:30-8:30am rehearsal with Belles (Belle tune this week is ‘Dance Again’)

Saturday – Bands Of America Austin marching competitions – all day, schedule below

JAMBOREE (Tuesday September 19)


4:30 Dismissed from class, eat pizza dinner

5:00 Section Leader Inspection

5:10 Everyone Inspection

5:20 Load and Leave ASAP

6:30 Section Leaders meet TATE FINCHER on the sideline at Burger Center for Star Spangled Banner Rehearsal

7pm Star Spangled Banner Performance

7:15pm First Band performs

*This event is in a flow format, and we keep it moving with no set times to make it go as fast as possible.  First band performs at 7:15pm and below is the performance order.  I would estimate Anderson to go on around 8:45pm.  Students may bring homework for the stands, but they may not talk in the stands out of respect to other bands’ performances. 

  • Eastside Memorial HS, William B. Travis HS, John H. Reagan Early College HS, Lanier HS, Crockett HS, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, LBJ/LASA, McCallum HS, Akins HS, Austin HS, Anderson HS, Bowie HS, Texas State Bobcat Marching Band


FULL UNIFORM (Section Shirt under uniform)

Get to Anderson dressed in your formal marching uniform.  We will rehearse on the parking lot in our uniforms with all props from 7:30-8:30am.  Please eat a hearty breakfast and bring snacks with you.  We will feed you lunch but that will be after the performance.

7:30-8:30am Rehearse in full uniform at Anderson

8:45am Load and leave AHS

9:15am Arrive at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex, park, unload trailer, stretch warm up

9:40-10:25am Full sound warm up


Once we perform, we will immediately load buses and head to Lakeline Mall.  There, we will feed everyone lunch (all competition meals are included in your student’s fair share fees).   We will hang around Lakeline mall from 11:30-2:15, and from there return to watch the last block from 2:45-4:30.  Retreat happens after the last block of bands approximately 4:45.  At that point we will know whether or not we make finals.  If we make finals, we will feed the students dinner and wait for our evening performance time (finals block usually 6pm-9pm).  If we do not make finals we will load up and come home.

Needless to say, we are REALLY REALLY excited for BOA Austin this coming Saturday!  The show is looking great and the students are really making huge strides with all of their hard work.  We hope you get the chance to come out and support them in the stands.  There will be a group of parents with signs – if you are new to the band family, please seek them out, sit with them, and CHEER, SCREAM and go crazy when we come through the tunnel and enter the field!!!  This really means a lot to the band and guard as they take the field – and you get to meet some great folks!

Thank you so much for your support!!

Andrea Gonzalez