Fair Share Payments

What is Fair Share?

Fair Share is Required for ALL band students: concert, marching and dance guard.

Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Music Licensing for the marching band show each year
  • July/August Camp Costs – Music and Instruction (we will hire approximately 20 people to come and work with the kids during this time)
  • Uniform Costs- gloves for wind players, marching uniform including tailoring, custom show uniform for dance guard, tailored tuxedos and dresses for wind players
  • Band t-shirt to wear under uniform (show shirt)
  • Competition Entry Fees: 2 BOA events (Austin & St. Louis), U.S. Bands, UIL Marching, UIL Concert and Sightreading, Solo and Ensemble, Region Band
  • Band and some Dance Guard supplies including flag material, equipment and repairs
  • Music arrangements, licensing, drill design, instruction and technical assistance for band and dance guard
  • Charter bus transportation and some meals for all competitions
  • Meals for all competitions for all band students
  • Water and snacks for all football games and competitions

All Students participating in band/guard are expected to meet the payment schedule listed below. Failure to meet the due dates OR contact the director in advance can result in student’s removal from participation. However, no student will be denied participation due to a family’s inability to pay. We incur many costs in advance on students’ behalf. For this reason, there can be no refunds due to ineligibility or change of schedule, as expenses are pre-paid. Plan well in advance and pass your classes! Parents of any student with financial difficulty must contact the director by email in advance of any due date affected for an extension. Communication is the key and TOTAL PARTICIPATION in all fundraisers is required for anyone in this circumstance.

Fair Share: $725

You can pay in one payment of $725 or

Installment Payment Schedule

DUE DATE:                AMOUNT DUE:

July 31st                       $200.00

August 21st                  $200.00

September 18th            $200.00

October 16th                 $125.00

*individualized payment schedules can be scheduled by contacting Mrs. Gonzalez (andrea.k.gonzalez@austinisd.org) directly.

You can pay by mailing in a check made out to Anderson High School Band, 8403 Mesa Dr., Austin, TX 78759 or paying through the TROJAN SPIRIT STORE online.


This year, the Fair Share has increased by $280 per student. We did this to include the trip cost of our BOA St. Louis trip. These extra funds will cover the cost of hotels, meals, buses, semi costs, and admission to the Gateway Arch and City Museum. The previously existing $435 breakdown has not changed.

Total Budget

  • Additional Staff (clinicians, technicians, marching season and concert bands) 27%
  • Administration for Band (copier, paper, postage, etc.) 3%
  • Buses (for competitions only) 11%
  • Competition Fees (UIL, BOA, Region, etc.) 5%
  • Equipment and Transportation (truck rental, trailer, lighting, flags, props, etc.) 16%
  • Instrument Repairs 3%
  • Meals for Competitions 7%
  • Music (Marching Show Music & Drill and Concert Music for band classes) 12%
  • Student Benefits (band banquet, letter jackets, water bottles, socials, etc.) 8%
  • Uniforms 8%

Where the Money Comes From

District 23%

Fair Share 47%

Fundraising 30%