Greetings Trojan Band Fans,

I have a few things I want to put on your radar to help you in planning the week:

  • Friday we are the second game of the evening at Nelson field, with a projected start time of 8pm.  Coach Rhoads advises that these ‘second’ games never start on time so please have that on your radar if you are planning to come watch – we are expecting a later halftime than normal.
  • We are in full uniform this week as we prepare for our first competition next weekend!  We taught everyone about wearing the uniform today – however there are still some trickling in from the tailor.  If your student did not have the opportunity to try on their uniform today to check the alterations they must do so at some point this week on their own time.  Please do not wait until Friday to see if the uniform fits.
  • Bus and room sign ups went up today for St. Louis!  Please make sure you are signed up for both by the end of the day tomorrow (band students – guard signs up with Orton).
  • VEGETARIAN AND GLUTEN FREE STUDENTS:  When you go through the meal line, please make sure you pick up the proper meal!  Our fantastic catering committee has ordered special meals just for you – and they are being left behind!  We want to make sure everyone eats – If you have questions or need help finding your specialty meals please find one of the amazing volunteers!
  • HOMECOMING…..On BOA Austin if we make finals we will stay and perform!  If we do not make finals, we will come home and you will be able to attend the homecoming dance.  Either way – we will make it a very special day!  If you do need to purchase homecoming tickets the PTSA will be leaving the homecoming online purchase portal open through Saturday evening so that you can purchase online at any point and bring/show your receipt to the door once you know how the day is going.
  • We do have one more performance in our casual uniform on Tuesday for AISD BAND JAMBOREE.  The uniform committee is in desperate need of brown belts to stock up for emergency casual uniform situations now and forevermore…..if you have extra brown belts laying around the house you would make Mrs. Meyer’s day!!!!!!!
  • FAIR SHARE Number 3 ($200) is due this coming MONDAY, Sept 18!  Chocolate Sales end this Friday.  If you have boxes out finish selling by Friday to turn in your money and receive your credit!  If you sold chocolate you will want to credit yourself $30 per box sold toward upcoming Fair Share.  I will send email notices this weekend for those that this affects.
  • PASS OFFS:  Pass off grades went in this week.  If your student passed off their marching music by the deadline they are golden.  If not, you will note a low or missing grade.  We give credits for progress toward the goal and attempts as they head toward the pass off so there is no reason for a low grade in BAND!  Please encourage them to get in to play their music for a director and meet their accountability standard.  As soon as they get it, we update the grade.  EASY.


Marching band eligibility is a very firm deadline because this first 6 weeks defines the entire season.  UIL rules state that every student must pass with a 70 or greater in all classes (60 or higher in exempt courses) to be eligible to travel to performances and events.  This means when the grade cards are processed Sept 29, if your student has a 70 or below they are ineligible.  The will still attend rehearsals as those are classes, but will not be able to travel with the band to games, competitions or performances (Including St. Louis) until they regain eligibility on Oct 27th.  The moral of the story here is there is still plenty of time at this point to get everyone in great shape for passing the 6 weeks report card.  Encourage your student to stay on top of deadlines and make sure missing assignments are not an issue.  Not turning in homework is almost always the prime culprit for students not passing….when we are doing eligibility 911 as band directors and we pull up a students failing grades we are often met with several missing assignments.

Touch base with your child and help them organize themselves – additionally have them reach out to the older students and in the band and directors if they need more assistance.  Sometimes a little advice or organization help from their section leader is the boost they need!  We have all been there are we are here to help you and your family!  Don’t let that deadline sneak up on you before it’s too late!