Greetings New York Travelers,

A few final reminders as we get ready to depart tomorrow!  If you have questions or issues tomorrow morning, the directors’ cell phone numbers are in the packet you received at the parent meeting.

  • EVERY STUDENT AND PARENT TRAVELING needs to subscribe to the Remind 101 group test.
  • We suspect tomorrow will be a very high travel day so please plan to arrive at the airport no later than 4:15am.  Travelers over 18 will need identification.  You will check in with directors at the ticket booth for your flight – we will have boarding passes for you there.  You will also check baggage at that point should you choose to bring checked bags (remember there is an additional fee).
  • Iteneraries and updates are all listed on the NEW YORK CITY Trip slider on the Trojan Band Homepage.
  • 1 Weather predictions:

    June 5 – High of 74, low of 58 100% chance of rain

    June 6 – High of 67, low of 56 20% chance of rain

    June 7 – High of 68, low of 58 20% chance of rain

    June 8 – High of 71, low of 61 10% chance of rain


    Packing reminders:

    Pack lightly. If you need more than a carryon and hand bag, you will need to pay to check a bag.

    Hair dryers are available in the hotel rooms.

    If it is absolutely necessary to check a bag, please talk with your roommates to

    consolidate and save money.


    Tip money:

    If you haven’t already, please bring $15 cash to Mr Beussman for tipping of the bus drivers and tour managers. As of this writing, 10 travelers have not paid this.


    Spending money:

    6 meals are NOT paid for through the trip (3 in airports). Please bring enough spending money for these meals plus snacks, souvenirs and shopping. However, if bringing cash only put some in multiple areas (pockets, bags, wallet etc) for better security.



    Though we will usually be moving around in large groups, students MUST BE in at least groups of 2 at ALL times.  DO NOT Stray from your group and maintain contact with director and tour leader at ALL TIMES.