Catering Order Form

CATERING ORDERS WILL OPEN ON JULY 1, 2017.  The information included below is from 2016 and placed here for information purposes only.  Please check back on July 1.

Information is placed here for your reference only.  If you have any questions, please contact the CATERING COMMITTEE.


The Catering Committee of the Anderson Trojan Band will organize meals for the band/dance-guard members on each football game day plus Jamboree, UIL & Bands of America contests. The meals are either served in the cafeteria immediately after school or on site on a pre-ordered/prepaid basis only.

All orders are final. There are no refunds for missed meals, even if the student is unable to attend the game or competition.

You can order meals on all dates or on just the dates you choose.  All meals are $7.00 each and include a beverage and sides. The regular pizza meal comes with 2 slices for $7.00, you can now order a 4 slice option for $10.00.

If your student is a big eater, you may order more than one meal for them. If you are a chaperon or volunteer for the game, you may also order meals for yourself. Make sure to fill this form out completely online no later than Wed., August 1st.

Please note that you must send your order by the due date in order to ensure your student gets a meal for the first game. Of course you are always welcome to send or bring your own meals instead of ordering from these vendors. Thank you for ordering online!


McCallum -Thursday 8/29/13

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Del Valle – FRIDAY 10/4/13

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Bowie – FRIDAY 11/1/13

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Vandergrift – FRIDAY 9/20/13

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Austin High – SATURDAY 10/6/13 – HOMECOMING GAME

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Lehman – FRIDAY 9/13/13

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Westlake – THURSDAY 10/10/13

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Akins – FRIDAY 11/8/13

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BOA Austin – Saturday 9/28/13

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BOA San Antonio Saturday 11/2/13

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Pizza, Fruit and Cookies

(There is a $3 charge for 2 additional pieces of pizza.)

Hays – Friday 9/6/13

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Jamboree – Tuesday 9/17/13

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UIL – Tuesday 10/22/13

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