Graduation Band REMINDERS!  Mandatory for all Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band non-seniors!


Who:  Non-Seniors in Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band

What:  Graduation ceremony

Dress:  Sunday Best – Dress Up!

When:  Friday, June 2, 2017 1:00 p.m. University of Texas Frank Erwin Center

Warm up and Rehearsal at Frank Erwin Center is 12pm SHARP!

We will ride the shuttle buses over to the Frank Erwin Center from Anderson, shuttles will start loading at 10am, please be ON A SHUTTLE no later than 11am.  BEWARE…They load buses and buses leave Anderson as they fill up.  If you have a bus that takes longer to fill up you will miss our rehearsal.

Tubas and Percussion – we will load Ms. Gonzalez’s car with your equipment Thursday at noon.  If you need something to go in the car rather than taking it on the shuttle bus – Please leave it in the designated area in the band hall right in front of the director offices by noon tomorrow.

You may opt to have a parent drop you off and pick you up from the Frank Erwin Center instead of riding the shuttle.  As long as you are sitting in your seat and ready to play at 12pm that is fine.