Greetings Trojan Band Fans,

I have a couple of updates for you –

  1.  If you have hopped online and tried to order meals – you ran into a glitch with the website when you tried to pay.  We believe we have fixed the glitch, so please follow this link MEALS to resubmit your order.  If you still have issues, fill out the order form online and mail a check or send in with your student the first day of camp.
  2. The AHS counseling department wanted me to pass on the information that if your band designation on the schedule you received in the mail is different than what the band posted, they will be continuing to amend those immediately when they return from break.   If there is any issue with the band conflicting with the ‘planned’ schedule they will contact you at the start of August.  Do not panic if the band on the schedule did not match the posted ‘band roster.’


Ms. G