We had a wonderful show off on Friday night – thank you to all who joined us in the festivities to celebrate our student’s hard work during summer band!

This first week of school is a bit more tame than normal in light of the fact we don’t have a game.  We will have a normal rehearsal schedule that starts on Monday with guard and percussion.  A critical part of staying ‘ahead of the curve’ for your students is to help them establish a routine for homework the first few weeks.  As their school load gets more challenging this routine will serve them well.  Just a reminder – out ‘crazy’ band rehearsal schedule was built to give your student more time for tutorials and schoolwork.  Please schedule all tutorials and study sessions on non-rehearsal days.  We have serious issues when we have students missing from a drill rehearsal – plan well in advance with teachers and you will be golden all semester!

Your students will be receiving a few handouts on the first day of school that you will need to sign and return.  One is a handbook form that we will go over with them in class.  I have also attached a link to our band handbook HERE.  There is also a UIL 8 Hour acknowledgement form as well as a course syllabus for the semester.

TROJAN SPIRIT FEST:  Trojan Spirit Fest is a great event that aligns and unites our vertical elementary, middle and high school in one big pep rally.   Students need to report to the block on the marching parking lot at 5:40pm and the rally itself will take place at 6pm – attire are any shorts and Luminosity Show Shirt (They will receive Monday and Tuesday).  This is a participation grade for the first 6 weeks for all band and dance guard.  They should be done around 6:30pm – short and sweet!

Students will be getting their Luminosity Show Shirts this week (provided as part of your fair share fee).  Parents that ordered polos and show shirts will also get those as well – they will go home with your student Monday and Tuesday so be on the lookout.  

Upcoming two weeks at a glance:

Aug 21-25  – normal rehearsal schedule, no game

Aug 27 –  Trojan Spirit Fest

Aug 31 – Taco Shack Bowl against McCallum

*There is also a Pep Rally for the Taco Shack Bowl, but due to construction on the gym it will happen during lunch and will only include drum line performing.*

That is it for the week.  Everyone have great one!

Ms. Gonzalez