The FIRST Sunday blast of the year!

We have a great week coming up.  Please make sure your students are helping Flamingo!  My husband just got a text from one of this band mates that they were just flamingo-ed….we had no idea they even lived in the Anderson area!  Keep it up!  We have one more week to cover the Anderson zone in pink!!! Here is a rundown of what we have coming up –

Monday:  Anderson Band Booster Association (ABBA) Meeting 6:30 in the Band Hall – ALL PARENTS ENCOURAGED AND WELCOME TO ATTEND!  We need a BIG village to run the Trojan Band.  Please attend and meet some great parents!

Thursday:  Trojan Charge during the day!  I will talk to the students tomorrow about the plan for Trojan Charge, and Freshmen will go through a quick version with tours.

Friday:  PANORAMIC PICTURE!  We will take our panoramic picture at the end of the day in our casual or ‘summer’ uniform.  New students will get polos this week and returning students need to bring their polo Friday.  Make sure you have purchased your tan shorts, white shoes and no-show socks.  For info on the summer uniform click HERE and scroll down to CASUAL uniform.  (If you are looking for a great, inexpensive pair of plain white athletic shoes that are perfect LINK HERE – I saw some at Walmart this past weekend).

SATURDAY AUG 12:  FORD TEST DRIVE!  This is such a great fundraiser…..easy easy easy!  Ford sets up a fleet of cars in our lot and we get $20 for each test drive!  Our band could earn $6,000 on this one day if everyone in the band comes up with 2 test drives!

Monday (Aug 14) We flip to evening rehearsals!  6-9pm every day that week.  This is also the night we celebrate the end of Flamingo-ing with a POOL PARTY!  Details about the pool party coming tomorrow…but we are looking for someone to be the project organizer for the pool party.  If you are interested, please contact Marcie at  

Tuesday (Aug 15).  Everyone needs to report to the band hall 2-5pm for pictures, rehearsal will follow.  These pictures are taken in the students’ band uniform and are really lovely – I recommend them!!  Separate blast with picture details – look for it!  SENIORS you will also be fitted for your letter jackets at this time (Every 4 year senior gets a letter jacket thanks to the Anderson Band Boosters!!)

FRIDAY (Aug18). PARENT SHOW OFF!!!  This is the last day of summer band camp and the day we show off what we have learned!  Students report at 6pm in their casual uniform, PARENTS, FRIENDS, FAMILY, NEIGHBORS, EVERYONE Come out and join us at the parking lot at 7pm for two run-throughs of LUMINOSITY and ICE CREAM!!!  We will show you our process and our performance thus far.  You won’t want to miss it!!


Fair Share Payment #1 of $200 was due this past week.

I am offering an optional individual fundraiser opportunity for students to put toward their band fees/fair share.  After researching what other bands do, we are going to offer a chocolate fundraiser.  I think that will give students the most opportunity to make the most profit.  PARTICIPATION OPTIONAL and all participation and sales will go toward that students’ fair share.  Individual fundraiser opportunity will run Sept 1-Sept 15.

Looking forward to a great week!