Please read the document below for important information about the NYC trip!

New York City Trip – June 5-8
Combined Fine Arts Department

Hello everyone!

We are getting close to the end of the year which means very soon we will be enjoying the sights and sounds of New York City! The Fine Arts Department of Anderson wanted to let you know of a few things at this time:

1 – We need to get everyone signed up in rooms. On the website, everyone requested what kind of room they desired (Quad, Triple, Double or Single). We will do our best to make this happen. To help, students may room with students from other disciplines to fill up their rooms. Please double check what occupancy of room you chose. Then get with friends and confirm who will be in that room. Finally, starting Friday (TOMORROW) come to the choir room and neatly fill in a room. We will have a list posted in the choir room of all students and parents attending the trip near the sign up sheet.

2 – The Anderson Fine Arts Department will be traveling to and from NYC on 2 airplanes (with the exception of two families traveling separately). These will be divided in the following way:
​Plane 1: All Theater and 32 Choir
​Plane 2: All Band, All Orchestra and 23 Choir

3 – In case you were wondering why an extra charge was adding to your account (only choir and theater), it is because these two programs are attending extra shows while in NYC. Choir is an additional $75 per person and theater is an extra $165 per person.

4 – Toward the end of the school year, we will have a meeting for all traveling with us to NYC to cover rules, expectations and other reminders before we depart. We will decide on a date soon and let you all know when it will be.

We hope this answers a few questions and gives some guideline of what to do next. We are looking forward to this wonderful experience and know it will provide memories for a lifetime.

The Fine Arts Department of Anderson