Congratulations to the members of the Trojan Band that auditioned yesterday evening!  We had a great showing.  Best of luck to all students auditioning TOMORROW!  Please visit this website for ALL details, start times and instruments attending tomorrow’s audition!


(REMINDER List of auditioning instruments at the bottom of this email)

Flute:  Cooper Bamberg, Andrea de Santiago Perez, Claire Vasseur ADVANCE TO SATURDAY AUDITION

Clarinet:  Anisa Rajab, Alec Monroy, Nickhil Anantha ADVANCE TO SATURDAY AUDITION

Alto:  Jess Rugeley – WInd Ensemble; Jung gi Jung Symphonic Band; Sam Cobb District Band

Trumpet:  Ty Nelson, Steven Oh, Jack Jones ADVANCE TO SATURDAY AUDITION

Horn:  Viveca Holman – District Band, Colin Lanier – District Band, Ashwin Shankar – District Band

Bass Trombone:  Sam Johnson Advances to AREA audition

Tuba:  Ryan Licce – Symphonic Band; Nick Tesmer and Juan Alvarado District Band

Percussion:  David Oh ADVANCE to Area, Wind Ensemble



6A Audition Rooms – Saturday

Piccolo – 255
Flute (Phase II) – 255
Oboe – 256
English Horn – 256
Bassoon – 256
Eb Clarinet – 261
Clarinet (Phase II) – 261
Bass Clarinet – 262
Contra Bass Clarinet – 262
Tenor Sax – 262
Bari Sax – 262
Trumpet (Phase II) – 267
Trombone – 268
Euphonium – 271
Percussion (Phase II) – Orchestra Room