Below is the St. Louis BOA Schedule in it’s most complete version.  There may be a few minor changes here and there as we go forward, but everything has been scheduled and set in stone as far as locations and times.  Many folks have St. Louis connections and that is WONDERFUL! Please encourage your family and friends to join us at our Friday attractions and do not plan on taking your child away from the group.  We have some very specific systems set into place and multiple students leaving the group makes it difficult for our systems to work in keeping 225 people moving from place to place together.  Both the Arch and City Museum have plenty of capacity to have others join us – I have included the timings on the itinerary so that you can plan to be right along side us.

I will hold an informational parent meeting Monday night October 16 from 6-6:30 pm in the band hall (plan on staying for the ABBA meeting right after at 6:30!). We will go over student expectations and a run through of the weekend as well as answer any questions you may have.

Everyone traveling (students AND adults) need to subscribe to the REMIND text named ‘St. Louis BOA ALL.’  To do so, enter the number 81010 and text the message @stlouisbo

A student/parent trip contract will go out on WEDNESDAY of this week and need to be SIGNED AND RETURNED by Friday evening.  This will include packing lists, important points and expectations.

Click HERE to View the St. Louis ITINERARY