Dance Gaurd LineThe Anderson Dance Guard is a section of the band that is comprised of 60+ members. Any student that is interested is highly encouraged to sign up whether he or she has any dance/flag training.  Guard provides many opportunities to develop dance and flag technique and to learn a great deal of organizational skills and responsibility. There are many fun performances at football games and contests, great travel opportunities, and all members are sure to make new friends that will last a lifetime! The camaraderie that band provides gives all members a sense of ownership and a true place to belong at Anderson!

Please feel free to email the DANCE GUARD DIRECTOR,  with any questions about the Anderson Dance Guard.

 Dance Guard for Class Credit

  • enrolled in daily Dance Class during the normal school day
  • is a section of the Trojan Marching Band and meets during 0 hour in the fall semester
  • attends Summer Band Camp and most of the MB rehearsal times
  • focus on stretching, strengthening, advanced jazz techniques, equipment skills and performance preparation
  • a full year course and counts as a Fine Arts credit and as a PE replacement

Dance Guard members are encouraged to participate in Spin Camps and other Dance and Guard camps to enhance their skills and to learn new skills. Offerings will be posted as we know about them.

Dance Guard Contacts & Resources

Dance Guard Directors – KAYLA ORTON  and WILLIAM HENRY

Dance Guard Parent Committee Chair –MARCIE DAVIS SKONIECZNY

AHS Director of Bands – ANDREA GONZALEZ

Would you like to be a Dance Guard parent volunteer? Contact MARCIE DAVIS SKONIECZNY

Need information about the Dance Guard Uniform?  See the DANCE GUARD UNIFORM page.

Dance Guard Frequently Asked Questions

Am I in the Marching Band or Dance Guard?
The Dance Guard is a section of Anderson Marching Band. So you are in both! Most instructions, rehearsal times, and information that are provided for the Marching Band also apply to Dance Guard. We do our best to let Dance Guard families know when the information for Dance Guard is different or unique. We recommend that you be on the Anderson Trojan Band yahoo list as well as on the Dance Guard list.

Can I be a part of Dance Guard if I have never used a flag before or taken a dance class?
Yes. There are no tryouts or experience requirements for Anderson Dance Guard.

I don’t know anyone – should I still participate?
Absolutely! There are many students just like you that do not know anyone. In Dance Guard you will be assigned to a Rank and also to a Dance Guard Family. These people will become good friends; in addition you will be working closely with all of the students in Marching Band and by the end of Summer Band camp you will know another 300 kids!

When is band camp?
July 25th– August 12th: 8am-5pm
August 15th-August 19th: 6pm-9pm

When will I get information about the upcoming year?
You will receive a flyer late April about spin camp. This is the camp where we will get your measurements for your costume and sizes for other items that you will need. This camp is scheduled for May 10-13th, 2016 at the Anderson High School Dance Gym from 4:30-6:30pm. At spin camp, students will have the option to choose a focus on the last day; Pre-drill or color guard. Everyone will get a sample of both focuses to assist in helping you choose. ALL students will perform in the band show, attend all rehearsals, contests, and other performances regardless of which focus you choose.

I am going to be out of town for a few weeks in the summer during band camp.  What happens?
You are still more than welcome to participate in Dance Guard.  You will be responsible for learning the choreography/flag work you miss while you are out of town from a video that will be posted on the Dance Guard Facebook page or learn it from a Section Leader or friend.  If we learn an entire portion of the show, you may not be in that section or you might have a spot very different from your assigned spot for the rest of the show.  This is handled case by case depending on how much you miss.  You will need to notify Ms. Hansen, the dance guard director, if you have summer conflicts ASAP if you haven’t already at Spin Camp.

Since all Dance Guard members will choose a focus within Dance Guard, what is the difference between pre-drill and color guard?
Pre-drill will focus heavily on dance technique and belle prep. Dance training is highly recommended for this focus as the technique will be advanced. Color guard will focus primarily on 6 foot flags, swing flags, and beginner-intermediate dance technique

If I choose Pre-Drill, do I ever have to use a flag?
Even if you choose Pre-Drill, you may have to dance with a swing flag or prop for a portion of the band performances, depending on the nature and need of the show.  However, you will not learn or practice six foot flag technique or spin one in the show; your focus will be Belle prep

What if I chose the color guard or pre-drill focus and I want to switch before band camp or halfway through the season?
You cannot change your mind after spin camp. The band drill is written based on the numbers from spin camp, therefore you must stick with what you choose throughout the remainder of the fall semester.

How much of a time commitment is there in the Fall Semester?

Rehearsal for Dance Guard for 2016-2017 are as follows:

  • Monday: 5:00-7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30-8:30 am
  • Wednesday: 5:00-6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30-8:30am
  • Friday: 7:30-8:30am

How much of a time commitment is there in the Spring Semester?
Students (guard and newbies) will be required to participate in the Anderson HS musical production. All of this material will be learned in class and the show will require a few outside rehearsals the week of (dates to come) and 4 performances. Guard and newbies will also be required to participate in the Belles Spring Show usually held in the late April.

Will I miss much school and/or be out late on school nights?
Every effort is made not to be out late on school nights. However there are times when it will be unavoidable. Thursday night games, Band Jamboree and UIL contests may impact school days. In addition school pep rallies are held during the first period of the day and are marked as an excused/field trip absence when students check in with their teacher PRIOR to going to the pep rally.

If I want to advance my dance technique, what dance classes should I take?
Any dance class is going to help make you better!  Ballet, jazz, leaps/turn, and any drill prep classes are highly recommended!

Can I be on another competitive sports team/dance team and leave Dance Guard rehearsals early for those commitments?
It is possible to be in Dance Guard and participate in another activity as long as you are present at all Dance Guard functions.  All Dance Guard rehearsals and performances are mandatory.  The dance guard class period, zero hour, AND performances are a grade. It is up to you to make sure that your schedule accommodates Dance Guard!

How will I hear about Dance Guard activities during the summer and school year?
We have a number of ways to keep students and families informed. We suggest that you take advantage of one or more of them.

  • Dance Guard Emails – make sure all you and your parent/guardian has your correct contact information for Dance guard specific information.
  • Facebook – Friend Anderson Dance Guard and the Anderson Trojan Band ’16-’17. Much of the student specific information is repeated here since the students tend to read this more than email.
  • Remind 101

Will I get a Dance Guard sister?
Yes, we call them Dance Guard Families since it is usually two or three rookies to a veteran. Everyone will have an officer that they specifically report to in a rank as well as be a part of a Dance Guard Family.

Is there a required class that I must take during the school day to be in dance guard?
Yes! Every dance guard member will sign up for the class period AND zero hour. We will be working on technique, the band show, or sometimes we will split the gym in half (pre-drill/color guard) to work on different skills.

I really just want to be in Belles – do I have to do Dance Guard?
There are several reasons that we require this program:

  • Pre-drill will receive specific instructions that will be geared specifically towards belle prep.
  • The time commitment for Dance Guard is not as heavy as what is required for Belles so it is good to know if you can handle school and the extra time commitment.
  • You learn about being on the football field during half time shows.
  • You can meet and work with the Belles directors throughout the year.
  • You learn Belle type information during Dance Guard Class.
  • Belle tryouts are held in the late fall and Newbie Belles are separated into their own class during the Dance Guard class period for the rest of the year. At this point they are learning to be Belles.

When are Trojan Belle auditions?
They are held in the fall after football season. Exact dates will be giving during football season.

What happens after Belle auditions happen? What if I don’t make the team?
Students that audition for Trojan Belles and don’t make the team will have two choices. You may move into a Dance I class, stay/move into the pre-drill focus, or stay/move into the color guard focus. Students who DO make Trojan Belles will separate into a Newbie Belles class.

Who is eligible to try out for the Trojan Belles dance team?
Any dance guard member is eligible for auditions.

Can I change my mind about being in Dance Guard later?
You can change your mind but please let us know as soon as possible. In order to get everything ready for the school year we must prepare and order costumes before the summer. If you drop Dance Guard after costumes have been ordered, you will still be required to pay for your costume.  We adhere to the campus deadline policy of August 1.  If you join Dance Guard (ie move into district) after August 1, you have one week to change your mind.  After August 1 or the one week, you must participate in Dance Guard for the remainder of the year.

How much does this program cost?
All band and Dance Guard members are asked to pay a portion of the expenses for marching band which is known as the Fair Share (approx. $425+, can be divided into payments). Students needing financial assistance should speak with the band director (Andrea Gonzalez).  Fair Share does not cover all Marching Band expenses so there are also fund raising opportunities throughout the year such as flamingo-ing and Pok-e-Jos booths at UT Football games.  Please see the information on the band website:

Dance Guard also participates in the Anderson HS Musical.  Musical is approximately $40/student and is due at the beginning of the Spring Semester.  This covers a costume rental for each performer, the costume cleaning fee, and a t-shirt.  There will be opportunities for fundraisers to deter this cost.  More specific information regarding musical will be given later in the year. For questions, contact the Musical Directors, Bobby Malone & Katie Wilson.

What is this flamingo-ing fund raiser?
You can find more information about this highly successful fundraiser here.

I have more questions – where can I get answers?
Please email Dance Guard Director KAYLA ORTON or Director of Bands ANDREA GONZALEZ