2013-2014 Drumline Results

Bass Line

1  Hannah J

2  Bennett S

3  Chris R

4  Brandyn G

5  Josh R


Sean M, Michael P, Ross D


Aaron H, Valerie V, Sarah T, Ernest C, Kemp M

 Front Ensemble

Marimba – Micah F, Paul A, Victoria G, Kiara R


Adam L


 Rachel S, Davis S, Madeline S, Nicole R


Fernando G, Thais F, Geoff B


Jonathon C

Percussion Contacts

Percussion Director – Mr. Frank Nedley

Pit Crew Chairman – 

Pit Crew and Loading Crew

During Marching Season – we have more instruments to get onto the field (and off again)
than we have personnel playing those intruments…so we rely heavily on our PIT CREW…

  • to help us move on/off the field rapidly both during halftime and contest performances
  • to help get equipment loaded and unloaded from the trucks and trailers every time we perform!
  • You DON’T have to be a Percussion Parent to join Pit Crew or to help load and unload the trailer
  • you don’t have to commit for the whole year, just volunteer for the times and events you can be there for
  • Talk to our Pit Crew Committee Chair, and volunteer to work one or more games or contests!