Marching Uniform Turn-in

What you need to know to avoid a zero!

Top priority: Jacket, Bibber and Gauntlets washed!


  • Only hat in hat box. No food, food wrappers, flip folders, etc. No hat wrap.
  • Gauntlets, hat wrap and gloves in mesh bag in pocket of garment bag.
  • No shoes in garment bag!

Here’s what we’re going to do for turn-in:

Dec. 6-12: We will call students in groups (during class), each student will pick up the uniform and hat box and bring to the check-in table.

Uniform team will check each item to make sure it’s clean and in the bag.


Seniors will take the items out of the bag and place on holding rack for restocking. Hats in hat boxes back on shelf.

All underclassmen will put uniform bag and hat box back in their section for next year


Take uniform back to be washed.