Thursday evening when I release kids for region band auditions at Akins we are in the window that bus routes run…making ordering buses very hard.  I need to order exactly what I need for Thursday’s audition.  Several kids have asked if they can get a ride or drive themselves which is what we have always done in the past so that they have a car at the audition when they are done so I am going to open up this option.  I will ‘field trip’ kids to be released from class at 3:45.  

What I am going to do is put a sign-up on the band hall door if you want a bus ride TO the audition Thursday night at Akins.  I will be reminding everyone in class, so if you do not have a band class today you need to either email me by 3pm, or stop by at FIT or LUNCH to sign up for a spot.  I will order buses based on need late this afternoon.  NOTE:  even if you get a bus ride to Akins, you will still need to secure a ride home for the return trip. 

FINAL UNIFORM FITTINGS for concert wear are happening today as well IN CLASS- today is the last day!  If for some reason you have not been fitted for a uniform you need to stop by during FIT or LUNCH to get fitted.