Greetings Trojan Band Family!

Yesterday we concluded our long days of band camp!  We have our entire intro and opener movements (drill and music) on the field!  It’s looking great and gets better and better every day – we are so excited to show off next Friday night for you at the ice cream social!

I wanted to drop you an important note about our fundraising goals this weekend.  This is a critical and important weekend for us in the Trojan Band.  We do most of our fundraising on the front end of the school year.  It’s a big push and it’s tiring but when it’s done…it’s done!  We are so lucky that we have fundraisers that are not high time commitment (many bands run concessions that require several hours for one commitment).  For us, it’s flamingoing before the start of school and Ford Test Drive (TODAY!!). We are ALMOST THERE – Hang in there!

We are a bit short of our flamingo-ing goal at the moment – but we can make quick ground this weekend and add on to it with a test drive!  The money we make fundraising helps keep our student fees/fair share reasonable. This money that we make this weekend will be covering the expenses of maintaining and running the band semi trailer for the year, pay for our marching band drill, the music arrangement and the licenses to play the music – $15,000 is our weekend goal between the test drive and flamingo-ing!   We have done it before and it’s within out grasp!!!

We can reach $6000 by getting 300 drives at the test drive today.  The band parents will be out there from 10-3 on the band parking lot.  With 2 test drives for every band student we will go past our goal of 300 drives!!  $6000!  It takes 10 minutes and there is no hassle or hard sale from Ford – just a donation to the band!

WE CAN DO IT!  With everyone contributing just a little today and continuing to flamingo smart we will reach our goals for the semester and be able to cover our operating expenses! WE WILL SEE YOU AT THE TEST DRIVE!!!

 I will make homemade cookies and ice cream Tuesday at evening rehearsal for every section with 30 ‘test drives’ or more for the day….and my cookies are the bomb.

Thank you for sticking with us and supporting on the LAST BIG PUSH!  GO BAND!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Gonzalez